Clearing the Path to Mental Health



NeuralMoxie’s mission is to reduce suffering caused by mental disorders, we are going to do this by:

  • Raising the level of conversation around mental disorders to that of other diseases.
  • Developing clear clinical assessments and diagnoses.
  • Developing clear pathways to remission.


What We’re Building

Our family holding hands at the beach.

We’re building a community of people who have a mental disorder or love someone with a mental disorder. Together we will be able to cultivate ideas and data to create real solutions for decreasing the suffering caused by mental disorders. To accomplish this we are building databases of information from our community including questionnaires, genetics, and microbiome. Our databases are used by researchers across many research fields and industries to create better solutions for people with mental disorders.


Tiffany Glenn-Hall


Tiffany Glenn-Hall has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of California in Neuroscience and a Masters in Psychology. Please read her story here.

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